Income Level 4

People on Income Level 4 earn more than $32 a day and are able to buy consumer goods, fly abroad on holiday and eat out at restaurants.They are the richest billion people in the world and work in jobs that normally require 12 years of education.

The food they eat is often highly nutritious and diverse, rich in protein and vitamins. They can also buy pre-prepared food to save them the time on cooking.

Their homes have a reliable internet connection and TVs and kitchens are equipped with stoves, ovens, toasters and microwaves. They have baths and showers installed in their homes with hot and cold water.

Instead of bikes and mopeds, they own a car and, sometimes, even two per family. Public transport is organized and available to everyone.

Their lives are more secure than for people on other levels, with their valuable property insured. People also have bank accounts, access to credit and pension funds for when they retire.

Basic medication is affordable and can be bought in shops, while advanced and emergency medical treatment is available for nearly everyone.

Date Posted: 2019-06-17