Income Level 3

People on Income Level 3 earn between $8 and $32 a day. Lives for the two billion people on this income level are far more stable than for people on the lower income levels and they can afford to buy things beyond the basic necessities.

They work long hours in factories, or as drivers, nurses and hairdressers. They are able to save a small amount of money, and in some cases have access to microfinance. They don’t have to spend time fetching water either, because there is a cold water tap in the home or very close by.

More money normally means more meat, which they can afford to buy from shops and markets. Meals also have variety and are more nutritious than for people on Income Levels 1 and 2. Unlike them, people on this income level eat something different for breakfast and dinner. They cook their meals on a simple stove, rather than an open fire or single gas burner.

Getting around is no longer a problem, as they can afford a small motorbike or moped. They can also take (crowded) public transport if they need to.

On Level 3 people live in homes with more than one bedroom and that are styled according to their taste. The roofs don’t leak and they are secure thanks to strong door locks and sealed windows. Electricity is stable, so they can buy a small television or laptop to watch their favorite shows.

Getting medical treatment is easier, with hospitals and health clinics close and medicine for minor illnesses sold in the shops.

Despite the long working hours and possibly even multiple jobs, people on this income level may be able to take their family for a very short vacation somewhere close by.

Date Posted: 2019-06-17