Press Room

In the media we see extraordinary and dramatic events. Journalists rely on a desire to grab and keep our attention. Disease, earthquakes, fire, floods, refugees, shark attacks, terrorism and war are all more newsworthy than everyday stories. It is no surprise then that we get an over dramatic worldview in our heads. Let’s not give all the blame to journalists, though! If they would focus on slow global trends and proportions, most of us would likely skip through those articles, hunting for a more interesting read… 

Here are a couple of headlines that won’t get past a newspaper editor, because they are unlikely to get past our own filters: 

“Malaria Continues To Gradually Decline.” 

“Meteorologists Correctly Predicted Mild Weather In London Today”

Thankfully, for the first time in history, data now exists for almost every aspect of global development. And guess what: it is free for journalists to use as a tool to explain the world to their audiences! 


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