2020   Prize of Integration 2020, Stiftung Apfelbaum

2020 Japanese Business Book Award Business Book Grand-prex 2020

2020 Stora retorik priset

2019 Gourmand Awards 2019, A06 SPECIAL AWARDS – PRIVATE

2019 Nominated to Utstickarpriset by Polarbröd

2019 Fostrargärningsmedaljen 

2019 Management book of the year category Management Futures

2019 Nominated for best Business Book in Japan

2019 Financial Times + McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award nomination

2019 Winner of Knowsquare Best Business Book Award, Spain

2018 Bill Gates gave a copy to all college graduates in US

2018 Wallenberg+ Nobelstiftelsen gave one copy each to all 18 years old last year in gymnasiet in Sweden

2017 Dialogpriset

2017 Resume Superkommunikatör kategory “NGOs and governmental organisations”

2017 Guldägget, Titanpriset till Gapminder

2017 Fast company World Changing Ideas Award: Dollar Street

2016 Winner of Leonardo Award 2016: Crossing Borders

2016 Winner of International Integrated Development Prize, Niras (20.000 EURO)

2015 Winner of Brewhouse Award Socialt entreprenörskap och Sociala Innovationer for Dollar Street

2015 Became a Katedralskolan Alumni. A plate on the wall.

2014 Don´t Panic wins Royal Televison Society´s Television Journalism Awards, in the category Innovative News 

2010 winner of World Technology Award , design category for Gapminder design

2010 nominated World Technology Award for Gapminder in the category  IT Software

2009 (Trendalyzer) one of Planetizen Top 10 websites 2009,

2009 received  ‘Massage of the Month January 2009’ for DIVE Browse page from Google Ads User Experience team 

2008 nominated to ‘ICT re-newer of the year’, Kompetensgalan, Sweden

2007 nominated to Webby Award, Best Visual Design

2006 nominated to World Technology Award for Trendalyzer

2004 received  ‘Appropriate and Sustainable Solution of the Month’ by Engineers Without Borders

2003 received  World Panorama Awards, Category Education for Dollar Street

2002 nominated to European Academic Software Awards for Dollar Street