About Gapminder

For general questions please contact: info(at)gapminder.org

Position Name E-mail (@gapminder.org)
President Ola Rosling ola
Vice-President Anna Rosling Rönnlund anna
Head of Finance & Administration Jenny Granell jenny
Head of Dollar Street Content Fernanda Drumond fernanda
Head of Research Helena Nordenstedt helena.nordenstedt
Visualization Developer Angie Skazka angie
Head of Software Jasper Heeffer jasper
Project Coordinator Klara Elzvik klara; lectures
Chief Ignorance Hunter Maike Winters maike.winters
Head of Statistics Diane Ingabire diane
Head of Editorial Keith Moore keith
Program Assistant Hisham Najam hisham
Content Manager Tooba Zia tooba
Administrative Assistant Nivia Cerqueira nivia
Business Operations Manager Kristin Lagerström kristin
Web Developer Kriss Abens
Climate Change Consultant Daniel Nordström
Ignorance Hunter Padraig Lyons  padraig.lyons
Fact-Checker Elin Sarfati elin
Fact-Checker Lewis Day lewis
Fact-Checker Shreeya Pillai shreeya