About Gapminder


Gapminder was founded in Stockholm on February 25, 2005, by Ola Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönnlund and Hans Rosling. In 2006, Hans Rosling held his first TED talk on “The best statistics you’ve never seen”. It became one of the most seen TED talks ever, thanks to its unique combination of knowledge-testing, animating bubble charts and storytelling about global development.

The animated bubble graph is a software called Trendalyzer, which Gapminder had developed to make global public data understandable. In 2007 Google acquired Trendalyzer and the team of developers moved to Google’s headquarters in California. Over three years the team improved the user experience for search and exploration of global public data. In 2010 Anna and Ola decided to leave Google and return to Gapminder to develop free teaching material. In order to prioritize what content to include in the teaching material, they started measuring public knowledge (or rather the lack of knowledge) with the Ignorance project. They soon realized that spreading facts was not enough since the problem was bigger. People had an incorrect dramatic worldview.

The Factfulness project was born to help people get a fact-based worldview. Since the world is better than most people think, a fact-based worldview actually reduces stress and anxiety. Using Factfulness you can dismantle the misconceptions that shape the overdramatic worldview.