Gapminder takes data form multiple sources and combines it into longer time-series than can be found elsewhere. The links below leads to documentation of methods, sources. The data itself is often available through excel files. There’s normally one documentation file for each indicator, but sometimes several indicators are described in one documentation.

Each documentation has a version number. Whenever we update the data or make other significant changes in the documentation we make a new version. On these pages you find the latest version at the top, and previous versions below. We might make minor changes to the documentation without calling it a new version, only the date of uploading will change in that case, not the version number.

GDP per Capita in constant PPP dollars
Gapminder Documentation 000 – Gapminder World Chart 2006
Gapminder Documentation 002 – Infant Mortality Rate
Gapminder Documentation 003 – Total Population
Gapminder Documentation 004 – Life Expectancy at Birth
Gapminder Documentation 005 – Under-five mortality rate
Gapminder Documentation 006 – HIV/AIDS: prevalence & number of people
Gapminder Documentation 007 – GDP per capita by PPP for sub-national units
Gapminder Documentation 008 – Children per woman (total fertility)
Gapminder Documentation 009 – Average age at 1st marriage (girls)
Gapminder Documentation 010 – Maternal mortality