Misconception Studies

Gapminder conducts misconception studies as part of our efforts to fight global misconceptions and make it possible for everyone to have a fact-based worldview. 

Predicting the future is sometimes possible but often very difficult. To succeed we first need an accurate understanding of the present. Most people shape their understanding of the world based on news stories. What gets attention in media are events that are newsworthy by being unusual. Slow trends and big proportions almost never make it to the news. In our studies we have found people are completely wrong about a lot of important things. We do not know the exact origin of all these systematic misconceptions. But we are convinced they distort the global efforts to build a sustainable future. Therefore we will continue hunting them down and disclose them to the public. We hope this will inspire others to investigate them further and do the necessary research to figure out their cultural and psychological origins.

You will find our latest studies here soon, stay tuned!