Hands on workshops help people confront their misconceptions. When people take scissors to cut out proportions with their own hands, or they re-enact statistical numbers, they understand and remember much better.


Dollar street workshop

We look at Dollar Street photos of physical assets from all income levels and the participants try sort them after improvement, and then guess how many people have achieved what levels. This teaches an emediate experience of how ignorant it is to bundle 6 billion people into a category called “poor” (see the #1 Mega Misconception: The world is divided in two”.)

This spures a vivid discussion about levels of improvement,. This is an excelent workshop to realize that the majority of humanity are no longer stuck in extreme poverty. They live more desent lives and are just about to become consumers and producers on the global market.

Reenact population forecasts

In this workshop participants embody the world populaiton into the future. By stepping thorugh the age intervals, going form child, to adult to senior, it becomes clear why the populaiton forecatss are solid, and inevitable.

Where people live

This is a quick exersice try to imagine where the world billions live on the world map. Putting one billion people on the wrong continent sure makes yo more humble.