Where do people live?


In this video Prof. Hans Rosling how the 7 billion people of the world are distributed across regions. 1 billion people live in the Americas, 1 billion in Europe, 1 billion in Africa and 4 billion in Asia. The pin code of the world is, therefore, 1114.

The population experts of the United Nations predict that by the end of this century the fast population growth will be over, and there will be approximately 11 billion people in the world. It is estimated that the Americas will remain with about 1 billion people, and so will Europe. Africa is expected to increase to 4 billion, and Asia to 5 billion.

The people in North America and west Europe, who have been dominating the world for a long time, in the future will represent less than 10% of the world population. Africa and Asia will be home to 80% of the of the people on Earth.

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UN World Population Prospects 2012.