Liver Cancer Statistics

About this Video

In this video, Hans Rosling uses liver cancer statistics to show how cancer data from IARC ( International Agency for research on Cancer) can be displayed as moving bubbles in Gapminder World. In this visual way, you can easily compare data for the most common cancers and rapidly understand that each of them have different distributions in the world. Liver cancer is mainly caused by chronic infection by the Hepatitis B virus (and also by the Hepatitis C virus). As this infection is most common in China and other parts of East Asia, as well as in Africa South of the Sahara, it is the countries in these regions that bear the main burden of Liver Cancer in the World (independent of if they have low, middle or high income). Comparing gender differences indicate that higher alcohol consumption in men may explain why the rate of liver cancer in men is twice as high as in women.

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New cases of liver cancer per 100 000 men (with size showing the total number of new cases of liver cancer)