Donation Policy

Last updated: Nov 26, 2020

The Gapminder Foundation is a not for profit organisation that is independent from political, ideological, religious and economic interests. Gapminder’s mission is to fight common misconceptions by building a fact-based world view that everyone can understand. Since the start in 2005, millions of students, journalists and others have used Gapminder’s free tools and videos, to better understand the changing world. To secure independence and credibility Gapminder combines funding from a variety of sources. This donation policy defines the legal and ethical basis for Gapminder’s cooperation with benefactors and is intended to ensure that the interests and integrity of the parties involved, Gapminder and benefactors, are safeguarded.


A donation is defined in the Swedish ordinance on gifts and donations (SFS 1998:140) as “any kind of transfer of property to an authority by gift or legacy which takes place without a requirement for any service or benefit in return and where the property does not constitute a foundation.”

The terms “donation”, “gift” and “contribution” are used synonymously in the present policy.

This policy applies to all fundraising for all Gapminder projects, regardless of types of donor or amounts involved. It is to be applied to all new funding from existing donors and to all new donors in the future. It does not apply to awards, sponsorship, nor to income raised from the sale of services and products, nor from fees for participation in conferences, events and other activities.

Donation Policy

Gapminder’s mission statement shall constitute the basis on which a decision is taken whether a donation can be accepted or not. A donation shall be compatible with, and contribute to promoting accomplishment of the mission. It is Gapminder’s policy to accept donations from any donor as long as the acceptance does not impair Gapminder’s independence to pursue its mission, nor endanger its integrity and good reputation.

Gapminder’s acceptance of a donation does not imply any endorsement of the donor’s opinions, policies or records, regardless of the donor being a private individual, business or other organisation.

Gapminder does not accept donations as payment or compensation for lectures, promotion or any other counter-performance whatsoever.

Forms of donations

Donations may be given as an unspecified donation to Gapminder Foundation or for a specific existing purpose such as internet hosting servers, teaching material, translation or the production of a documentary. Such specific donations shall not result in undue influence over Gapminder’s priorities and execution within the project.

Donor privacy

Information about donors is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Gapminder does not share the information about donations, unless agreed separately with the Donor. Gapminder will encourage donors of amounts exceeding $25,000 to let Gapminder disclose the donation and the donor in its Annual Report and make the information available through the Gapminder Website for the purpose of transparency.


The use of received funds shall be decided by the Gapminder board in accordance with established routines and procedures. Acceptance of donations larger than $25,000 and donations that are extended beyond the current fiscal year, requires a decision of acceptance by the Gapminder Board.

Passed by the Gapminder Board, April 5, 2011.
Updated by the Gapminder Board, November 26, 2020.