What is keeping kids out of school? It’s not gender.

Gapminder is celebrating world teacher’s day! UNESCO data shows that more boys and girls are completing primary and secondary school around the world than ever before. Teachers are doing a great job! But not all kids are making it into the classroom, 9% of primary school age children to be exact. Out of this group, about half (52%) are girls. The percentage of girls in the classroom has increased by 5% across low & middle income countries in last 10 years. The number has stayed more or less the same for boys. There are still some pockets of huge gender inequality, but in the world as a whole, boys and girls are going to school in roughly the same numbers. So let’s celebrate kids, their teachers and all those doing the best they can to get the remaining 9% of boys and girls into the classroom!

girls_boys_in_school_2016_octWhen we measure global knowledge, we have found that many people believe the gender gap is enormous. It’s not! Most children out of school are poor children. It’s not primarily a gender problem.

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