CLOSED FOR NEW APPLICATIONS – We’re looking for a Product Manager

Job Description

During the past 10 years Gapminder has become world famous for dismantling global misconceptions and explaining a fact-based worldview. Our free teaching tools reach more than 5 million people across the world each year. We think that number should be much higher. Therefore we are now planning to build more tools and better services to fight global misconceptions, and that’s why we need you: an experienced product manager who knows how to deliver digital products and other services to different target audiences across the world.

As a product manager, you will start on an experimental project to visualize medicine supply chains in middle and low income countries. You can read more about the project below. Because this would only take up half of your time,  we would like you to spend the rest of the time on our other activities, such as the Corporate Education initiative and the Global Misconceptions Study, among others. You will also be managing or contributing to our other projects.

We need someone who has managed agile software development before, and who has experience working with usability designers. You can set up training programs, guide content producers, negotiate with publishing partners, plan marketing campaigns and launches to maximize the attention from the target audience. And you are good at measuring results with metrics that let you improve the process and find better strategies. You enjoy constantly planning and re-planning, predicting and solving upcoming problems to reach deadlines, and you love facilitating team collaboration to make sure things get delivered on time.

With you on board, Gapminder will invent and deliver new services that should reach hundreds of millions of curious people around the world and help them get a fact-based worldview.

Experimental project, visualising medicine supply chain maturity

The goal is to make potential improvements to a medicine supply chain easy to understand with the aid of photos and videos. So the project seeks to create a Minimum Viable Product (a simple online semi-interactive platform or a mock, for example) based on the Dollar Street framework (more info below) that shows warehouses and their services in different maturity levels. The project started last November and in this role you will be responsible for finishing the project before March 2020.

We’re based in Stockholm, but it is not essential for the  project manager to be there. It is important, however, to be available to travel to Stockholm to meet with our team members on a regular basis.

Basic information about the project

Provisory title: Dollar Street for Supply Chain

Summary: Make visual documentation (photos+videos+questionnaire) of warehouses in different countries to try to illustrate different levels of maturity for the national health supply chain of those countries. Maybe we’ll be able to document a factory,  point of entry, and district clinics as well. Initially, the focus is on the warehouses at the end of the supply chain.

Main tasks:

  • Book the visits to the warehouses/clinics/factories in the specific countries that will be part of this project.
  • Coordinate the documentation/visit logistics with photographers, consultants and representatives of warehouses/clinics/factories.
  • Travel to these countries to oversee the visits.
  • Coordinate with Gapminder’s team for them to tag the photos and videos in our experimental online platform.
  • Coordinate with video editors, graphic designers and programmers who will create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with the material collected and lessons learned from the project.
  • Update Ola Rosling and Gapminder team on a regular basis about the status of the project.
  • Update the funders regularly on the status of the project.
  • Organise and categorise the material collected and help to analyse it in accordance with the supply chain maturity model.
  • Keep track of expenses and activities performed and coordinate with our Head of Finance and Administration on the financial status of the project. Plan for forthcoming activities.
  • Write the final report for the project for the funders and help our finance and admin manager to produce the financial report.


  • At least two years experience in project/product management
  • Ability to work independently and to take initiative
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Required to travel abroad to accompany the documentation of warehouses and other locations
  • Excellent written and spoken English. Swedish not required
  • Experience of working with a team of software developers is desirable
  • Answer all questions from the Gapminder Test correctly, proving that you know the basic global facts

Terms, to be discussed:

  • Temporary contract, from September 2019 to end of March 2020
  • Full-time, super flexible working hours

How to apply

Send an email to: [email protected], with the following attachments:

  • The pdf-diploma you received when you passed the Gapminder Test:
  • Your CV
  • A short letter of introduction (or very short video!), explaining why you think you fit this job description

To understand the Dollar Street framework, watch our co-founder’s TED talk:  See how the rest of the world lives, organized by income | Anna Rosling Rönnlund