The main Corona risk group is not the size people think

Almost everyone answered this wrongly: “Globally, how many are 65 and older? A.10%, B.30%, C.50%”. We tested 20 thousand people in 32 countries with Ipsos-MORI in 2019: The results were terrible! But we were happy yesterday to see that our Facebook followers scored much better: 66% of you were correct. Please help share this with your friends who are most likely just as wrong as everyone else about the main Corona risk group.

— In this video Anna (co-founder of Gapminder) presents results from surveys in 32 countries and shows what the actual age structure of the world population looks like.
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— The source behind the correct answer is UN’s 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects
— The slideshow in this video is free to use under Creative Common License, and can be downloaded here:
– Check out Gapminder´s interactive tools to see how the size of the old population in all countries changes over time in our bubble chart: , and in animating age pyramids