Gapminder Desktop

This software has been renamed to Gapminder World Offline

Because of technical problems the software on this page is no longer being maintained! Please visit Gapminder World Offline (Beta) instead.

Gapminder Desktop

With Gapminder Desktop you can show animated statistics from your own laptop!
Install the free software and watch the how-to video with Hans Rosling.


With the Gapminder World you will be able to:

  • Use the software without internet access
  • Save a list of your own favorite graphs
  • Update automatically to the latest version

Video: “How to use Gapminder Desktop”

Installation instructions (Windows, Mac and Linux)

1. Click ‘install now’ above. Gapminder Desktop uses Adobe AIR technology. This technology will be installed automatically if it is not already on your computer (you may need to ask a computer administrator for help installing this software).

2. Click “Open” in the dialog that appears (see below).

Troubleshooting the installation: alternative method (updated).

If you are having trouble installing Gapminder Desktop using the button above you may try an alternative way. First, ensure that Adobe AIR is installed (available at: Then download the Gapminder Desktop installation file at to your computer desktop and open by double-clicking this file. Then proceed to follow the instructions under 1. above.