Gapminder Worldview Upgrader

We are currently developing a service called Worldview Upgrader where you will be able to test yourself on important global facts that most people get wrong. The aim is to easily rid yourself of your misconceptions about the world and to challenge your friends. While we finalize the app, take the original Gapminder misconception test here:

Who is it for?
We know most people are wrong about global trends and proportions. Most likely you are too. And to be honest, wouldn’t it be nice to rid yourself of the most common misconceptions about your own field of work and the place you live in – to start with. If you are less wrong, you probably make better decisions, right? And most likely the same goes for people around you.

Maybe you want your high school students to learn more about hunger and poverty around the world. Perhaps you are going to do business with a company from Rwanda and want to make sure you have an up-to-date understanding of the country. You might want to see if your parents or grandparents have kept pace with global change. Or maybe you just want to be someone who actually understands the world you live in.

Our aim
Gapminder Common Misconceptions focuses on important facts, not just trivia. We want you to have an up-to-date, fact-based view of the world that is data driven, rather than one that is shaped by dramatic stories in the media. We will be adding new tests frequently and keep updating the data as it becomes available so you can improve your knowledge continually.

Our method
This is all possible thanks to a method that we have developed over many years of testing people’s knowledge. First, we find global facts from reliable sources and phrase ABC questions. We then test them on small samples of the public and select the ones where we see the biggest misconceptions and fact check the data with experts. Finally, we select and refine the questions about the most important facts where we know people score worse than random.